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Smart DVD/CD Burner is a burning application for Windows. It is a single window application that allows you to burn Audio, Data and Video CDs and DVDs with ease. The application is really simplistic in design, which is a good thing, since it is really easy to use. The only weak point of this burner is that DVD video capabilities are really limited. There are no clear instruction on how to get a DivX video to burn on a DVD, for example. The burner works great for both Audio and Data compilations. To start a compilation, all you have to do is select the data that you want into the file and drag it into the compilation you created. After that, all you have to do is click the burn button and your files will be going to the DVD or CD. Smart DVD/CD Burner supports most modern IDE, PCI, USB and Firewire burners, so you are guaranteed to have one burner that works with this application. This burner allows you to burn data on-the-fly, without having to first move data to a hard drive and then to a burner, which, in the end, saves you time.

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